Rojo16 Castor Candle Holder is inspired by the sublime beauty of Spain’s coast, the base is made out of shiny nickel and a glass cylinder. This piece of art combines detail in design and Mediterranean flare for everyday living.


  • SKUBR-614S
  • Product Dimensions L x W x H (inches):  8x8x11.5  / 20.32×20.32×29.21 cm
  • Product Weight (lbs): 7 / 3.5 kg


  • SKUBR-614M
  • Product Dimensions L x W x H (inches):  8x8x17 / 20.32×20.32×43.18 cm
  • Product Weight (lbs): 8 / 4 kg
  • Materials: Shiny Nickel /Glass
  • Country of Origin: India